Shimadzu Review Vol.74[3・4](2017)
Sensor devices


Development of the SPG-120-REV Direct Drive Type Compact Monochromator

by Tomoari Kobayashi1and Yasuyuki Furukawa1

Shimadzu Review 74[3・4] (2017.12)


We developed the new SPG-120-REV compact monochromator, which uses a stepper motor with a high-resolution reduction gear in the wavelength drive mechanism. The device is new addition to the SPG-120 compact monochromator series lineup. The SPG-120-REV compact monochromator has the same optical performance and compactness as conven-tional models, but with a ten times faster wavelength drive speed and five times higher durability than conventional Smodels. Furthermore, accessories for conventional models can also be used with the SPG-120-REV.
In this paper, we introduce the features of the SPG-120 series, including the newly developed SPG-120-REV compact monochromator, and discuss how it operates in spectral measurement applications.

Keywords: Spectroscope, Transmittance, Reflectance, Monochromator, Thickness monitor, Engine combustion emission measurement

1Optical Components Business Unit, DSevice Department, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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