Shimadzu Review Vol.75[3・4](2018)
Development of Advanced Core Technology


Development of the X-Ray Phase Imaging Device for Industrial Applications

by Takahiro Doki1Taro Shirai1 Satoshi Sano, Ph.D.1Akira Horiba1Naoki Morimoto, Ph.D.1Kenji Kimura1and Keishi Kitamura, Ph.D.1

Shimadzu Review 75[3・4] (2018.12)


X-ray phase imaging enables excellent visual confirmation of light element materials and soft tissues that are difficult to detect using conventional X-ray absorption imaging techniques. The authors are developing X-ray phase imaging technology for industrial applications. We have built an evaluation device to develop applications for commercialization. This article reports on those developments and provides imaging examples.

Keywords: X-ray, Phase contrast imaging, Grating, Composite, CFRP

1Radiation Technology Unit, Technology Research Laboratory, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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