Shimadzu Review Vol.75[3・4](2018)
Development of Advanced Core Technology


Multispectral Imaging of Fluorescent Micro Beads
Using Multispectral Incoherent Holography (MIHO)

by Yuya Nagata1Masaki Obara, Ph.D.1Masahiro Ihara1and Kyu Yoshimori, Ph.D.2

Shimadzu Review 75[3・4] (2018.12)


We are developing a new technique of incoherent holographic spectrometry. It is a combination of Fourier transform spectroscopy (FTS) and incoherent digital holography, and it enables spectral information and 3D information to be obtained simultaneously by single scan. We call this technique multispectral incoherent holography (MIHO). We constructed a microscopic system and measured a point source to confirm the principle of MIHO, and demonstrated multispectral imaging of fluorescent beads. MIHO can obtain 3D spectral imaging easily because it does not require an XY scan and focusing as in a confocal laser microscopic system. We expect that MIHO will make a great contribution to medical research, such as new drug development.

Keywords: Incoherent holography, 3D imaging, Fourier transform spectroscopy, Multispectral imaging, Fluorescent imaging, Fluorescent microscopy

1Optical Technology Unit, Technology Research Laboratory, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan
2Department of System Innovation Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Iwate University, Iwate , Japan

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