Shimadzu Review Vol.76[3・4](2019)
Medical Imaging Technologies


Development of SCORETM Chase EVT Support Application for Lower Extremities

by Koki Yoshida1Takanori Yoshida1Ryo Katsumata1Dai Hirose1Shohei Okubo1Takaya Yamamoto1and Hidetaka Takezawa1

Shimadzu Review 76[3・4] (2020.1)


One problem with using an angiography system for lower extremity endovascular treatment (EVT) is that the generally long lesion areas require more exposures, which results in higher patient exposure dose and contrast media usage levels. Therefore, Shimadzu has developed the SCORE Chase application for supporting lower extremity EVT procedures by reducing the X-ray exposure dose and contrast media levels used for patients without changing the EVT process   workflow. 

Features of the application are described below. 

  1. SCORE Chase automatically generates long-view images by freely moving the table longitudinally or transversely to acquire a series of images along the blood vessel travel path in the lower extremities and then immediately reconstructing the images.
  2. By reusing previous contrast tracking images, additional vessel road maps can be generated multiple times without using any additional contrast media.

Keywords: Digital angiography system, Endovascular, Long-view image, Vessel roadmap 

1Research & Development Department, Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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