Shimadzu Review Vol.76[3・4](2019)
Medical Imaging Technologies


Development of TriniasTM unity smart edition Angiography System

by Katsuhiro Yabugami1Yuki Tanaka1Hirokazu Tamura1Takako Sato1Shohei Akaike1Shota Watanabe1and Fumiaki Tanaka2

Shimadzu Review 76[3・4] (2020.1)


Shimadzu has developed a new Trinias unity smart edition angiography system equipped with 12-inch square and 16 × 12-inch size flat panel detectors (FPDs). The system offers the following features. 

  1. A crossover system that can be installed with either a 12-inch or 16 × 12-inch FPD.
  2. Intuitive operability
  3. Simple system design

Keywords: Flat panel detector (FPD), C-arm angiography system 

1Research and Development Department, Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan
2Shimadzu Software Development Canada Inc., Quebec, Canada

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