Shimadzu Review Vol.76[3・4](2019)
Medical Imaging Technologies


Development of Strain Distribution Visualization Technology Based on Lattice Phase Analysis

by Tomotaka Nagashima, Ph.D. 1and Takuro Sato 1

Shimadzu Review 76[3・4] (2020.1)


Conventionally, strain has been measured in terms of the strain between two points, measured using a conventional strain gauge or extensometer in a material testing machine. However, there are growing needs for analyzing local strains when testing structural members. Furthermore, if strain control is used when testing materials, strain can be difficult to control if localized strain occurs outside the range between extensometer measurement points. To determine whether or not strain control is possible, it can be useful to measure the strain distribution in addition to the usual strain between two points. This article reports on using Shimadzu TRViewX 2-point extensometers, which use material testing machine  image sensors, in combination with optional TRViewX functionality to visualize the distribution of strain in real time. 

Keywords: Material testing, Strain distribution measurement, Non-contact video extensometer, Tensile test, Windowed Fourier Transform 

1Testing Machine Business Unit, Analytical and Measuring Instruments Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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