Shimadzu Review Vol.77[1・2](2020)
Life Science


Element Development for a Circular Helical Gear Pump

by Kohei Matsuda1Takahiro Kono2

Shimadzu Review 77[1・2] (2020.6)


Europe is considered an expanding market for external gear pumps, which are a major product in Shimadzu’s range of hydraulic equipment products. With the increasing electrification of drive sources, there is a growing demand for quieter hydraulic gear pumps in the material handling market of Europe. 
This article describes low pulsation external gear pumps still in mass production by Shimadzu that feature less noise and less pulsation compared to other external gear pumps. This article also describes an even lower noise technology in the unique structure of circular helical gear pumps that feature even lower pulsation. Test results are presented comparing a circular helical gear pump with a standard low pulsation gear pump. 

1Research and Development Department, Fluidics Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Shiga, Japan
2Technology Design Unit, Corporate Product Design Center, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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