Shimadzu Review Vol.77[3・4](2020)
Food Safety and Food Health


Quality Evaluation of Beer by Total Analysis of Beer Metabolites with GC/MS

by Yusuke Takemori1Yui Higashi1Takero Sakai2Kiyomi Arakawa1Motoki Sasaki3Narihiro Suzuki, Ph.D.3

Shimadzu Review 77[3・4] (2021.3)


Methods of food quality evaluation vary greatly depending on the food type and investigative objectives. Food is now commonly investigated and characterized by performing a total component analysis followed by multivariate analysis. This article demonstrates that beer brands can be differentiated by extracting and derivatizing hydrophilic metabolites, measuring these compounds by GC/MS, then analyzing the resulting data. Subtle quality differences also occur in beer and other alcoholic beverages depending on the production site and production lot. By the method outlined above, this article also examines single beer brands and identifies differences between production sites and production lots.

1Global Application Development Center, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan
2Shimadzu Scientific instruments, Inc., Maryland, U.S.A.
3Ise Kadoya Brewery, Ise, Mie, Japan

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