Shimadzu Review Vol.77[3・4](2020)
Food Safety and Food Health


Noise Evaluation Method for Improving the Auditory Sensation of Gear Pump Noise

by Takuya Kokabu1

Shimadzu Review 77[3・4] (2021.3)


Shimadzu external gear pumps are mainly used as hydraulic power sources in forklifts. The proportion of battery-powered forklifts in the forklift market has recently been increasing, along with a demand for even quieter low-noise hydraulic gear pumps as Shimadzu continues to pursue the further improvement of its existing low-noise gear pumps. Sound pressure level is a measure of noise conventionally used in evaluating gear pumps, but sound pressure level does not correlate with noise evaluations based on human auditory sensation and hence cannot be used to assess how gear pump noise is perceived by humans; because of this, sound pressure level-based noise evaluations are not compatible with the needs of the market. This article describes a sound quality index adopted by Shimadzu to solve this problem as well as the new SerenadeTM low-noise gear pump developed using this index. 

1Research and Development Department, Fluidics Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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