Shimadzu Review Vol.78[1・2](2021)
Industrial Machinery


Development of the PHSG-U Sintering Furnace
with a Temperature Distribution Width during Rapid Cooling
of Just 1/3 the Previous Model

by Yosuke Morimoto1

Shimadzu Review 78[1・2] (2021)


In a heat treatment furnace that sinters cemented carbide and ceramics, improving the sintering yield for high-precision tools requires rapid and uniform cooling of treated materials in the effective sintering zone of the furnace. This article describes a uniform rapid cooling furnace (PHSG-U) developed by Shimadzu Industrial Systems that improves the temperature distribution width during cooling to 1/3 the previous furnace model.

1Research & Development Department, Industrial Machinery Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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