Shimadzu Review Vol.78[1・2](2021)
Industrial Machinery


Automatic Balancing Machine for Impellers in Headphone Type Air Purifiers

by Atsushi Kajikawa1Takeshi Yoshikawa1Genki Arasuna1

Shimadzu Review 78[1・2] (2021)


This article describes the development of an automatic balancing machine for the smallest and lightest workpiece ever attempted by Shimadzu Industrial Systems. The machine measures the impeller balance of the workpiece, an impeller fan assembly that includes a power supply harness, and automatically corrects any imbalances. The impeller fan assembly is not only the lightest workpiece ever balanced, it was also the first attempt to handle a workpiece with a wire harness attached in an automatic machine. This article describes the mechanisms and characteristics involved in the newly-developed DBM-AE40 automatic balancing machine.

1Shimadzu Industrial Systems Co., Ltd., Shiga, Japan

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