Shimadzu Review Vol.79[3・4](2022)
Next Generation Mobility


Measuring Automotive Motor Imbalance
-Principles and Features of Balancing Machines-

by Takeshi YoshikawaGenki ArasunaKeisuke KoteraAtsushi Kajikawa

Shimadzu Review 79[3・4] (2022)


Shimadzu Industrial Systems has sold many balancing machines for balancing motors and other rotating parts (workpieces) and have earned high customer satisfaction levels that have resulted in many repeat orders. In addition, the knowledge and experience gained from such sales were used to offer balancing machines for other industrial machinery and home appliances in a wide range of fields.
This article describes the operating principle of balancers, an example of a balancing machine used to balance an actual workpiece installed in automobiles, and the features of a balance measuring system equipped with an automatic balancing device designed for next-generation electric vehicle (EV) rotors.

Shimadzu Industrial Systems Co., Ltd., Shiga, Japan

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