Shimadzu Review Vol.79[3・4](2022)
Next Generation Mobility


Application of High-Speed Sputtering Deposition System to Next-Generation Mobility Parts

by Atsufumi Ogishi

Shimadzu Review 79[3・4] (2022)


The high-speed sputtering deposition system can form metal thin films that wrap well around three-dimensional shapes and have high adhesion to the underlying resin, compared with conventional sputtering film deposition systems. This method has been applied mainly to aluminum reflective films. For further development of this system, silver alloy films and anti-reflection films for Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) polygon mirrors and covers were investigated, respectively. These have three-dimensional structures, and both were able to provide the optical properties required for LiDAR components. High-speed sputtering of copper was also investigated, and it was found that it is possible to form copper wiring at high speed on the side of a three-dimensional workpiece. It was also possible to obtain electrical properties that can be applied to 3D-Molded Interconnect Devices (3D-MID).

Shimadzu industrial systems Co., Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan

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