Shimadzu Review Vol.79[3・4](2022)
Next Generation Mobility


Evaluation of Plastic Materials for Automotive Parts Using a Flow Tester

by Takahiro Seki

Shimadzu Review 79[3・4] (2022)


A flow tester is a type of constant test force extrusion capillary rheometer that is widely used for viscous materials, for example polymeric materials such as synthetic resins, as well as rubber, ceramics, composite materials, toner, and foods. In the mobility field, plastic materials are replacing metal materials in various interior and exterior parts to achieve weight reduction. Plastic materials are also being used as sealing materials for semiconductors in vehicle mounted electronic equipment. Flow testers are used for evaluating these materials. This article describes the measure ment principles and specifications of the CFT-500EX and CFT-100EX flow testers, and introduces examples of evaluation contributing to the molding conditions and quality control of various plastic materials used as materials in vehicle mounted parts.

Testing Machines Business Unit, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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