Shimadzu Review Vol.80[1・2](2023)
Medical Imaging Technologies


Development of Trinias (Opera) Series Digital Angiography Systems

by Koki YoshidaHiroshi InoueDaisuke MurakamiMasahiro TanakaKeiichi TannoRaita FujimakiAtsuo SaitoYuki SakamotoHirokazu TamuraYuki TanakaDai HiroseFumiaki TanakaShohei AkaikeHiroki OnoderaMasashi MatsumotoTakuya Yamanouchi

Shimadzu Review 80[1・2] (2023)


We have developed the Trinias series with SCORE Opera digital angiography systems to solve various problems faced by medical facilities. These systems are based on the following three design concepts:

(1) ALARA Design – Enhance the quality of treatment while protecting the health of medical staff and patients
(2) Lean Design – Achieve stress-free operations and workflows
(3) Sustainable Design – Continuously provide the latest medical environment

Based on these design concepts, most of the system, including the C-arm, has been redesigned, and many functions that reduce radiation doses and improve operational efficiency have been added.

Research & Development Department, Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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