Shimadzu Review Vol.80[1・2](2023)
Medical Imaging Technologies


Development of Application Platform and Subscription Service, SCORE Link

by Yui Torigoe1Fumiaki Tanaka1Takako Sato1Takaya Yamamoto1Kohei Miyamoto1Yumi Tsutsumida1Annie Auclair2David Thibault-Pelletier2Yoann Pearson2Alexandre Lefebvre2Michel Archambault2

Shimadzu Review 80[1・2] (2023)


As treatments in digital angiography systems continue to diversify, there is a growing demand for various applications to support procedures. In response, Shimadzu has developed the following applications, application supply methods, and application platforms for the Trinias series with SCORE Opera. These items have the following characteristics:

(1) SCORE Stream, a blood flow analysis application, and Dose-eye Live, a real-time radiation exposure monitor, are used to evaluate and support treatment. SMART Report, a dose and procedure reporting system, and SMART Record, an image recording system for all procedures, enable the accumulation of data to support diagnoses.
(2) SCORE Link is a subscription service that allows users to select applications according to demand at their hospital.
(3) SCORE Workstation is a risk-distributed platform that enables the operation of advanced applications while maintaining the reliability of digital angiography systems.

1Research & Development Department, Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan
2Shimadzu Software Development Canada Inc., Quebec, Canada

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