Shimadzu Review Vol.80[1・2](2023)
Medical Imaging Technologies


Development of SimCLINICTM T4 Cloud Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Record System

by Shintaro TanaiWarabi TakanoOri YamaguchiQi ZhangMakoto NakamuraMaki KambaraTomonori NishiyamaYoshihiro TanakaYoshikatsu SakakibaraTakihito Sakai

Shimadzu Review 80[1・2] (2023)


Recently, electronic medical records (EMR) systems have been widely adopted and utilized as essential tools in healthcare facilities. These systems enable the electronic storage of various documents, including medical records, the results of diagnostic tests, images such as X-rays and endoscopies, as well as other internal documents. Not only can these records be easily searched and referenced under various conditions, but the data can also be used for secondary purposes, such as accounting, calculating medical bills, and business analysis. In this article, we present the development of the SimCLINIC T4 Cloud cloud-based EMR system, which not only enhances integration with image diagnostic functions and general imaging devices but also improves coordination between the medical records and imaging devices. Our aim was to enable the efficient operation of clinics’ workflows using the SimCLINIC T4 Cloud.

Research & Development Department, Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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