Brand Statement

Excellence in Science

Brand Statement


Excellence in Science

科学における卓越した存在 (Japanese)
于科学中创卓越 (Chinese)

What can we deliver to each and every user of Shimadzu brand products and services? What should we offer them? The Shimadzu Group brand statement sums up the answer in three words: “Excellence in Science.”

In every corner of the world, our products and services are being used by customers to develop a variety of new products, to protect and restore the environment, and to deliver better health and lifestyles to people. With pride in these achievements firmly in mind, we strive to further improve our technologies and to enhance our knowledge, so that going forward we can offer even greater technologies, products, and services.

“Excellence in Science” - that is the promise we make to society and to ourselves with our brand statement.



Contributing to Society
through Science and Technology

科学技術で社会に貢献する (Japanese)
以科学技术为社会做贡献 (Chinese)



Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being
of Mankind and the Earth

「人と地球の健康」への願いを実現する (Japanese)
实现 “为了人类和地球健康” 的愿望(Chinese)