・Development of a Phospholipid Profiling Method Using Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS Index This article shows the LC-MS/MS MRM library (phospholipids) can be used for easy phospholipid profiling and fatty acid composition determination. ・Phospholipid Analysis Using SimLipid Software We show the analyzing results by LCMS-8060 of phospholipid changes in a liver tissue between a control and a mouse which a fluorescent probe has been administered by a tail vein injection. In this analysis, SimLipid software from PREMIER Biosoft, USA was used to estimate the candidate of PLs fluctuated between a control and a probe administered mouse. ・Phospholipid Analysis for Four Types of Mouse Tissues Phospholipids characteristic of each tissue were detected from four different tissue extracts and the effectiveness of the database search by SimLipid software was confirmed. ・LC/MS/MS MRM Library for Phospholipid Profiling And more.

March 30, 2018 GMT