Quantitative Analysis of Furanic Compounds in Transformer oil by HPLC Method



Monitoring the conditions of power transforms is very important to maintain the reliability of industrial power system operations. One critical risk assessment is the quality of the insulation system which consists of insulation paper immersed in insulation oil. The life of the paper insulation determines normally the life of the transformer. Incipient faults within a transformer can be detected by analyzing furanic compounds in insulation oil. Furan analysis in transformer oil, especially the amount of 2-furaldehyde in oil (usually the most prominent of paper decomposition), indicates the degree of degradation of the transformer paper insulation. In this application news, the ASTM D 5837 Test Method was followed for the quantitative analysis of furan derivatives in transformer oil. Five furanic compounds were quantified by HPLC analysis after the samples of transformer oil were extracted by liquid/liquid extraction procedure using acetonitrile.

December 13, 2019 GMT

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