High Resolution Analysis of Gases Related to Air Pollution and Global Warming


User Benefits

・The IRXross FTIR enables accurate measurement of the vibrational-rotational spectra of low molecular gases by measurement with a maximum resolution of 0.25cm-1. ・Infrared spectra of gases can be acquired with the standard DLATGS detector by using a short-path gas cell.


The IRXross, a new FTIR which Shimadzu Corporation recently released, has best-in-class sensitivity and resolution in its class and supports high speed scanning at a maximum of 20 spectra/sec. The IRXross also includes the original Shimadzu software IR Pilot™ for analysis navigation as a standard feature, and thus provides excellent operability in addition to outstanding performance. Among the features mentioned above, this article introduces application to the gas analysis, focusing on the high resolution of the IRXross.

April 5, 2022 GMT

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