High-Speed Analysis of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)


User Benefits

・Analysis times can be significantly shortened by using the Nexis GC-2030 (230 V), an oven insert, and hydrogen as the carrier gas. ・Using dual injectors, throughput can be greatly improved, enabling the analysis of more than 380 samples per day.


Total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) refer to mixtures of various types of hydrocarbons. In the production of petroleum hydrocarbon products, contamination of the environment including water or soil is a concern. There are also health risks, so it is very important to control the concentration of TPH. This article introduces an example of the high-speed analysis of TPH using the Nexis GC-2030 (230 V) with an oven insert for rapid heating, and using hydrogen as the carrier gas. A system performance test was conducted using n-alkane, a calibration curve was prepared using mineral oil, and the linearity was checked, based on an international standard, the ISO 9377-2-2000, determination of hydrocarbon oil index for water quality.

October 29, 2023 GMT

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