Quantitative Analysis of 57 Fragrance Allergens in Cosmetics Using Twin Line MS System


User Benefits

・The twin line MS system enables efficient analysis of fragrance allergens in cosmetics. ・By using two types of columns, even a single quadrupole GCMS can effectively separate contaminants. ・A twin line MS System does not require column replacement, which significantly reduces downtime.


Under the European Cosmetics Directive (EC 1223/2009), 24 of the fragrances used in cosmetics are regulated as fragrance allergens. If a leave-on product contains more than 0.001 % or a rinse-off product contains more than 0.01 %, it must be labeled on the product. Recently, however, following an opinion by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS), the number of regulated compounds has been scheduled to be expanded to more than 80. Therefore, manufacturers of cosmetics need to know exactly what fragrance compounds are contained in finished products or raw materials. This Application News describes an example of analysis of 57 fragrance allergens in a commercial hair oil using the twin line MS system, based on the analysis method reported by IFRA.

May 9, 2023 GMT

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