Simple Method for Screening Analysis of Vegetable Oils Using a Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer


User Benefits

-Simple analysis of fatty acids and other components of vegetable oils can be done with just one quadrupole LC-MS system. -Samples can be introduced directly by flow injection for high-throughput analysis that takes only 1 minute. -eMSTAT Solution™ performs multivariate analysis on mass spectra for easy identification of characteristic components.


Edible fats and oils mainly consist of triacylglycerols (TAGs), which are composed of three fatty acid molecules and a glycerol, and different fats and oils contain different types and amounts of fatty acids. Recent trends in health consciousness have led to growing interest in edible fats and oils that contain omega-3 fatty acids, such as DHA, EPA, and α-linolenic acid. Free fatty acids also indicate the degree of refinement and oxidative degradation of edible fats and oils, which is why analyzing free fatty acids in edible fats and oils is increasingly of interest. This Application News describes a simple method for screening fatty acids and other components in vegetable oils that uses flow injection and a single quadrupole LC-MS system. Introducing samples by flow injection enables high throughputs of one sample per minute, which is a useful feature for the rapid analysis of multiple samples.

March 11, 2024 GMT

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