Evaluation of Flowability of Thermosetting Resins


User Benefits

-Easily evaluate the viscosity of thermosetting resins. -Easily measure and clean thermosetting resin, which can easily clog the nozzle (by using a split nozzle).


Thermosetting resins (including fillers) are often used in package encapsulants for semiconductors such as ICs and LSIs as well as printed circuit boards. In particular, in recent years, demand for semiconductors has been increasing as society as a whole has turned to reducing CO2 emissions, including the EV shift in automobiles. As a result, the demand for the assessment of the flowability of semiconductor encapsulants has increased. Knowing the physical properties of materials and controlling the quality of viscosity, curing time, curing temperature, etc., is very important to increase productivity and reduce defect rates. This article presents an example of evaluating the flow characteristics of epoxy resin, a thermosetting resin.

March 6, 2024 GMT

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