Evaluation of the Temperature Characteristics of Toner


User Benefits

- It is possible to calculate characteristic values such as softening temperature, outflow start temperature, and offset method temperature from a single temperature rise test. - The powder sample is press molded and can be efficiently measured with a small sample amount.


Toner is a powder about 5 μm in size and is used in laser printer printing machines and copiers. The printing process is as follows. First, four images, usually separated into four colors, are exposed to different photoreceptors and developed. The four developed four-color toner images are transferred to a transfer belt and then transferred to paper. Finally, heat and pressure fix the toner to the paper to complete the color print1). If the melting temperature and melt viscosity of the four colors of toner are different, blurring and poor fixing will occur, resulting in poor print quality. To avoid this, the characteristic temperature of toner flow must be similar to that of the four color toners. This article presents an example of measuring the flow characteristics of four different color toners.

March 20, 2024 GMT

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