Analysis of Metal Elements in Culture Medium Using ICPMS-2050


User Benefits

- Analysis of both trace and high-concentration elements is possible in culture media. - Culture media can be analyzed with simple dilution-only pretreatment using the ICPMS-2050. - The elements in the culture medium can be analyzed reliably and accurately over a long period.


A culture medium usually contains elements spanning a wide range of concentrations, from trace (Co, Cu, Se, etc.) to several thousand ppm (Na). Elements in the medium are important in cell cultures because they are taken up by the cells and contribute to enzyme activity and redox reactions. On the other hand, it has been pointed out that unexpected contamination from raw materials and equipment in the culture media manufacturing process may cause differences in element concentrations among batches. Therefore, it is important to know the element concentration profiles in the culture medium to achieve a homogeneous cell culture. ICP-MS is suitable for this purpose because it can analyze multiple elements with high sensitivity and has a wide dynamic range. In this Application News, an ICPMS-2050 was used to analyze both trace and high-concentration elements in a culture medium by dilution-only pretreatment. Furthermore, the spike recovery and long-term stability in the culture medium were evaluated using the ICPMS-2050 to confirm that there was no effect on the analytical value due to dilution-only pretreatment.

March 26, 2024 GMT