Foreign Object Detection in Food and Inspection of a Plastic Bottle’s Sealing Condition Using X-ray Fluoroscopy and Computed Tomography Techniques


User Benefits

- 2D X-ray fluoroscopic inspection can be utilized for fast detection of foreign objects in food packages, ensuring quality control. - X-ray computed tomography(CT) can pinpoint the 3D locations of foreign objects food products, aiding in their removal or mitigation. - Leakage and deformation inspections of plastic bottles can be performed non-destructively.


To uphold food safety standards, preventing contamination by foreign objects during production is crucial, and numerous measures have been implemented. Despite these efforts, contamination can still occur. Identifying contamination, and thereby preventing the distribution of flawed products, can be accomplished using X-ray inspection equipment, which enables fast, non-destructive detection of foreign objects. This application news presents case studies micro-focus X-ray nondestructive techniques to examine purposely mixed foreign objects in food products. A 2D X-ray inspection system, Xslicer SMX-1020(Figure 1), and an X-ray computed tomography system, inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus(Figure 2), were used. Additionally, this application presents a case study analyzing the fitment of a plastic bottle cap before and after opening.

April 2, 2024 GMT