Rapid Screening of Herbal Medicine Using Single Quadrupole LC-MS


User Benefits

- Rapid screening of herbal medicine can be conducted using single quadrupole LC-MS. Direct injection analysis without a separation column enables high-throughput analysis of less than one minute. - Data analysis of the obtained mass spectrum with eMSTAT Solution™ allows easy classification and characterization of herbal medicine samples, as well as discriminant analysis to determine the group in which an unknown sample should be categorized.


It is known that the medicinal properties of crude drugs, which are natural products, vary depending on their growing environment, such as the place of origin and weather, and the time of harvest. Therefore, an equivalence evaluation of a new crude drug with a present crude drug is important. Since crude drugs are composed of hundreds to thousands of components, a multifaceted component analysis is required in the chemical evaluation. In recent years, the chemical evaluation of crude drugs has also been conducted using metabolomics technology, which is a comprehensive analysis of metabolites. In this Application News, we will present a case study of screening of Kampo medicine, so called herbal medicine, using flow injection analysis (FIA) and single quadrupole LC-MS. Although Kampo medicine is manufactured by blending multiple crude drags and has complex matrix, it can be subjected to simple screening analysis for classification and characterization by using a novel method described here.

April 16, 2024 GMT