Achieve a good count of the cells

Development of cell culture media and related analysis systems

Achieve a good count of the cells

HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.




    cell culture media, protein, media development


    LCMS-8045, ICPMS-2030


Ms. Shraddha Mane

Ms. Shraddha Mane

R&D and QC head in HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

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R&D and QC head in HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

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Could you brief us about your organization, type of research carried out, product line, etc.?

HiMedia Laboratories Private Limited is an Indian-origin bioscience company headquartered in Mumbai, with a presence across 150 countries. It has different divisions such as Microbiology, Animal cell culture, Plant Cell Culture, Higronics, Molecular Biology, and Chemicals & Lab aids.

Animal Cell Culture division has proficiency in the development & manufacture of cell culture medium for mammalian & insect cell lines, in powdered and liquid formulations. Comprehensive design of experiments, raw material qualification, and media production using automation and customization are our strengths. We supply serum-free media for CHO, Vero, MDCK, HEK, PK-15, Vero, MRC-5, BHK cell lines, and T cells, most widely used for industrial production of therapeutic recombinant proteins and vaccines. In addition, we manufacture and supply multi-compendial biochemicals and growth factors for Cell Culture.

Could you outline the research activities carried out in your department?

Our main focus is on the development of different cell culture media which are used in various applications such as the industrial production of therapeutic recombinant proteins. Other research activities involve protein production, purification of the protein, spent media analysis, characterization of the protein, and media development used in vaccines where the main focus is to achieve a good count of the cells.

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