UNIFESP (Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo)

UNIFESP (Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo)


    Environment, Small Molecule Pharmaceutical



We visited UNIFESP(Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo) in Brazil this time and interviewed Dr. Diogo de Oliveira SILVA about LCMS-8040. They are also using many Shimadzu instruments like Prominence UFLCXR, GCMS-QP2010Ultra, IRPrestige-21.


UNIFESP (Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo)

Dr. Diogo de Oliveira SILVA

*Affiliates and titles of the interviewee are current as of the time of reporting.

UNIFESP (Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo)
URL http://www.unifesp.br/index.php

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Please introduce your study and your role in your lab.

Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP) has 6 campuses and the Group of Bio-organic and Bioanalytics (GBB) is located at Diadema Campus. Our projects are related to organic synthesis, pharmacokinetic and environmental analyses, mechanistic investigations and cell signaling. The Mass Spectrometry (MS, Tandem MS and LC-MS) is related to all GBB activities and is the most important technique in our lab.

What is the purpose of usage of Shimadzu LC/MS?

Quantitative and qualitative analyses of synthetic intermediates, natural products, metabolites and macromolecules.

How many people in your lab are using Shimadzu LC/MS? How often?

5 GBB members are LC-MS users in different levels and purposes.
Depending on the demand, the equipment is running in 24x7.

What was the reason to choose Shimadzu LC/MS?

The very good previous experiences with Shimadzu HPLC systems.
Performance and cost/benefit.
Excellent relationship with the Shimadzu do Brasil crew.

What are the advantages and benefits of Shimadzu LC/MS?

Full integrated platform (software/LC/MS).
Very robust and reliable system for routine analysis in biological matrices. No ion source cleaning or calibrations were necessary, even after long batches (up to 400 samples).
The sensitivity is high enough to our applications. It was possible to achieve the required LOQs with regular injection volumes (0.1 - 20 uL) and splitting the LC flow (not more than 300 uL into the MS).
Survey MS modes are an important tool for multi-component and screening methods.

How was the method developed?

All GBB applications need a method development.
Our background in method development/validation attached to the intuitive and integrated software made the process feasible, efficient and no time-consuming.

Please let us know your impression and opinion after the actual installation of Shimadzu LC/MS? How about Software?

The equipment is impressive. The MS system has the traditional robustness of Shimadzu machines I have worked.
It was installed 11 months ago and we never got any software crash, even operating the equipment in remote mode by TeamViewer.

Please let us know your requests for Shimadzu technology, products and service.

A "how-to-do" manual for some routine applications and a template folder with different report structures would be a terrific help.
It would be very useful an on-line service for "on-machine help".
The equipment is very versatile, but it needs to be more open to file merging or converting to database search, like bottom-up protein analysis for instance.
As an advanced user, I would like to apply different collision gases or to use an alternative calibration solution.

Thank you for your message.

Comments About the Interview

There is a collaborative laboratory with SBL(SHIMADZU DO BRASIL) in UNIFESP:Federal University of Sao Paulo.
Dr. Diogo is using Shimadzu LCMS-8040 for organic synthesis, pharmacokinetic, environmental analyses, and so on.
We understand Dr. Diogo is very happy with our LCMS-8040.
Dr. Diogo has a cheerful character and he is always working energetically.
We can learn a lot of things and I really feel we could have a very meaningful time with him.
We would like to continue to deliver our solution for our customers with Dr. Diogo.

Shimadzu do Brasil Comercio Ltda.

Shimadzu Corporation has a distribution/technical support center in Brazil, which is supporting our customers in Latin American countries.
Shimadzu opened a first office in Latin America in 1980. Then, a subsidiary company, Shimadzu do Brasil Comercio Ltda. was stablished.
SBL has been supporting customers in 7 Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia and Cuba.
Latin America and Japan are located on the other side of the earth, and there are 11-13 hours time difference, but Shimadzu HQ, SBL and distributors are having good communication very closely. So we can respond customer's requirements quickly. SBL has a laboratory to offer users training. It is not only for application but also maintenance.
Other than SBL, 7 distributors in each country are providing a wide range of products and support.