Convenient Safety Features of Shimadzu Gas Chromatographs

Shimadzu gas chromatographs (Nexis GC-2030, GC-2010 series, GC-2025, and GC-2014 series models) include many convenient features for using hydrogen gas. They are also designed to be very safe and have been tested with various verification tests. Such features are described below.

  • Safety Features of the Carrier Gas Control Unit
    An electronic flow controller (AFC) constantly monitors the pressure and flow rate at the injection port. If they do not reach the corresponding setting values within a certain time, the oven temperature is decreased and then the hydrogen gas flow is automatically stopped.
  • Safety Features of the Detector's Gas Control Unit
    The detector's electronic flow controller (APC) automatically stops the hydrogen gas whenever an abnormal situation or a power outage occurs (except on GC-2014 series systems).
  • Oven Safety Mechanisms
    Ovens are checked for hydrogen leaks to confirm they are designed not to collect hydrogen gas inside the oven. Due to the high diffusion coefficient of hydrogen, it will not collect inside the oven.
  • Explosion Testing
    Explosion tests are conducted using hydrogen gas. Given analytical conditions normally used, hydrogen gas only causes a small explosion sound when intentionally ignited inside the column oven.
  • Support for Changing Analytical Conditions
    Hydrogen gas settings can be changed easily in LabSolutions and GCsolution workstation software. In the carrier gas constant linear velocity mode, method migration can be reviewed easily by specifying the same linear velocity setting in conditions.

New Functions for Ensuring Hydrogen Gas Safety

The latest Nexis GC-2030 model includes new functions for ensuring hydrogen gas is used safely.


Various Diagnosis Functions
Systems can be easily checked for any abnormalities by using the carrier gas leak check function or self-diagnostic function.


Self-Diagnostic Settings Function Screen

Hydrogen sensor
Potential leaks can be discovered early using a hydrogen sensor that can be installed inside the main GC unit. If a leak is detected, it switches to a safe standby mode, automatically shuts OFF the power supply, and so on, to prevent any accidents.
* Optional

Hydrogen sensor

Hydrogen Sensor* Monitors Inside the GC Oven