Shimadzu LC Driver for OpenLAB CDS


Description Notes
Shimadzu LC Driver for OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition (for 1 system) -
Shimadzu LC Driver for OpenLAB CDS 2 (for 1 system) -

Supported devices

Unit Model Name ROM Version
System Controller CBM-20A, CBM-20Alite 2.40 or later
Pump LC-30AD 3.00 or later
LC-20ADXR 2.02 or later
LC-20AD 1.12 or later
LC-20AT 1.10 or later
LC-20Ai 1.00 or later
Column Oven CTO-30AS 3.00 or later
CTO-30A 3.00 or later
CTO-20A/ CTO-20AC 1.07 or later
Autosampler SIL-30ACMP 3.00 or later
SIL-30AC 3.00 or later
1.25 or later
Rack Changer II 2.00 or later
Rack Changer, Rack Changer C 1.11 or later
Sub Controller Subcontroller VP (Option Box VP) 5.22 or later
Detector SPD-M30A 3.02 or later
SPD-M20A 2.00 or later
SPD-20A, SPD-20AV 1.11 or later
RF-20A, RF-20AXS 1.10 or later
RID-20A 1.00 or later
Analog input board (PC-55N) -

*1  CBM-20A lite will not support analogue data acquisition.
Please use CBM-20A with a PC-55N AD board if analogue signal is acquired.

*2  4 systems maximum with no PDA or 3 systems with single PDA or 2 systems with 2 PDA (per AIC). When using SPD-M30A with the fast sampling (100Hz or greater), do not connect more PDA detectors in a PC.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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