Testing and Evaluation Equipment for the Aerospace Industry

Aerse metal materials, organic materials, inorganic materials, and composite materials (FRP, MMC, CMC) are used in aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, rockets, and space robots.
Such materials have been developed to provide the required properties of lightness, strength, durability, heat resistance, and machinability.
Shimadzu is applying it's technical expertise cultivated through both physical testing in materials development and full-scale testing in quality control in order to develop materials for aerospace applications.
Utilize Shimadzu's extensive knowledge of materials testing and evaluation for your application.

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Materials Testing & Inspection
diverse metal materials, organic materials, inorganic materials composite materials (FRP, MMC, CMC), Engineering Materials, Electronics, Electronic, Automotive, Body, Interior trim, Electric component,Li-ion Battery, AG-Xplus Series TRViewX TRAPEZIUM X Servopulser EMT Series Micro-Servo MMT Series USF-2000 Hydroshot HITS Series
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