Testing the Dilution Rate of Diesel in Engine Oil in Accordance with ASTM D3524

If fuel such as gasoline or diesel is mixed in the engine oil, the viscosity decreases and the original performance of the lubricating oil cannot be obtained. The fuel dilution rate is used as an indicator of oil change because it enables us to determine the state of deterioration of engine oil. Test methods such as ASTM D 3524, ASTM D 3525, and ASTM D 7593 are specified for measuring the fuel dilution rate.
This application news describes an example of measurement of the dilution rate of diesel oil in engine oil based on ASTM D 3524.

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Gas Chromatography
ASTM D 3524, ASTM D 4626, JPI -23 S -5, diesel, engine oil, lubricating oil, dilution ratio, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Petrochemical, Chemical), Nexis GC-2030
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