Analysis of Psychotropic Drugs in Whole Blood Utilizing Simultaneous Scan/MRM Measurements (2)

In GC-MS/MS MRM mode, the MRM transition and collision energy (CE) must be optimized. In addition, when performing a comprehensive analysis of medicinal toxicants in biological samples, optimization of these parameters for each relevant medicinal toxicant is an extremely laborious process. The GCMS-TQ8030 Triple Quadrupole Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS/MS) achieves simultaneous scan/MRM measurements through high-speed scan and highspeed MRM data sampling techniques. Comprehensive analysis of medicinal toxicants is achieved by combining the MRM mode, used to measure toxicants requiring high sensitivity or that are prone to overlap with foreign materials, with the scan
mode, which is used to measure toxicants for which sensitivity is sufficient. The “GC/MS Forensic Toxicological Database” contains the retention indices, characteristic m/z (quantitative ions and reference ions) mass chromatograms, and mass spectral data for approximately 500 medicinal toxicant components. As a result, screening can be performed by applying this
information to the scan data from simultaneous scan/MRM analysis.

This Application Data Sheet introduces the application of scan data from simultaneous scan/MRM measurement to the Forensic Toxicological Database, leading to comprehensive screening for medicinal toxicants in a whole blood sample. Please refer to this in conjunction with Application Datasheet No. 74, which introduces an example of the mass separation of
cholesterol from triazolam and etizolam in whole blood, utilizing MRM data from simultaneous Scan/MRM analysis.

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