New Approach to Analysis of Volatile Gases Formed by Intestinal Microbiota Using GCMS™ and GC-SCD

Intestinal microbiota form various volatile substances and are thought to be linked to health or disease. Analysis of these volatile substances and exploratory research to discover new biomarkers are also underway.
In this article, the gases that evolved from stool samples taken from germ-free (GF) mice and mice colonized with normal microbiota (Ex-GF) were analyzed and a comparative study was conducted. GCMS was used for a comprehensive analysis of the evolved gases, and GC-SCD was used to analyze sulfur-based gases.

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Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry
Intestinal microbiota, bacteria, microorganisms, metabolism, evolved gases, aromatic components, sulfur, volatile sulfur compounds, volatile compounds, multivariate analysis, score plots, biomarkers, SCD, sulfur chemiluminescence detector, Food and Beverages, New Energy, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Petrochemical, Chemical), GCMS-QP2020 NX, Nexis GC-2030, HS-20, SCD-2030
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