Chiral Separation Using SFC and HPLC

More than half of low molecular-weight drugs have stereoisomers, and pharmacological activities of each enantiomer are different. Therefore, it is important that the efficacy and safety of compounds are evaluated as enantiomers, especially in pharmaceutical formulations and its related industries. Chiral separation using SFC and HPLC is one of the typical methods for purifying enantiomers from racemic mixtures. In this method, the suitable column and mobile phase for targeted chiral separation have to be evaluated before starting the analysis. To determine the optimized analytical conditions, a large number of candidate conditions have to be examined, a process that requires extensive method development. In these days, a more prompt and simplistic system for determining the optimized analytical conditions is needed. We have developed a method screening system and workflow using both SFC and HPLC to evaluate chiral separation more efficiently. This system has two solvent delivery pumps and one carbon dioxide delivery pump, and can be used for SFC and HPLC with a single instrument. The system is configured by installing a column switching valve inside the oven and a solvent switching valve within solvent delivery pumps, thereby permitting comprehensive data collection while continuously switching through multiple combinations of columns and mobile phases for both SFC and HPLC automatically using dedicated control software.Here, we report the process of high efficiency method development of chiral compounds by using SFC and HPLC in a single sequence.

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Liquid Chromatography
Chiral Separation, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Nexera UC
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