System Requirements


  • GCsolution (Ver.2.32 or later) or GCMSsolution (Ver.2.53 or later) is required for loading GCsolution or GCMSsolution method files and data files on this software.
  • If previous version of Advanced Flow Technology Software is already installed on the PC, please be sure to uninstall it before installing the latest version.


Software Program

aft103en.exe: self-extracting compressed file (10.7 MB)

To software download page

To install this software

1. Download the software.

Select and download the compressed file containing the update program from the above link. The download file is self-extracting. The software can be downloaded to any folder.

2. Extract the update program file.

Extract the file you downloaded in 1. Self-extracting files can be extracted directly by either double-clicking the file in Explorer or executing [Run] from the [Start] menu. When the file is extracted, the files required for the update will be extracted to sub-folders. (For example, when you specify "C:\TEMP" at the [Extract to] field in the extraction dialog box, the folder "C:\TEMP\DISK1" will be created.)

3. Install the software.

Run SETUP.EXE in the folder extracted in 2. Before installing the software, be sure to exit GCsolution and/or GCMSsolution.