Molecular spectroscopy analysis is the measurement of interactions between molecules and electromagnetic radiation.​

As a leading company of molecular spectroscopy instruments for over 60 years, we confidently provide innovative instruments and solutions for your molecular analysis.​

The Shimadzu molecular spectroscopy instrument portfolio includes UV-Vis, UV-Vis-NIR, FTIR, FTIR microscope, and fluorescence spectrometers. These instruments are utilized in a wide range of applications such as electronic, energy, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, combinatorial chemistry, and life sciences.

​Among this portfolio, we provide the UV-1900i, (which features an ultra-fast scanning function of 29,000nm/min), UV-i Selection UV-Vis/UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometers using the latest AI technology, the IRSpirit-X Series compact FTIR, and the AIM-9000 infrared microscope, which is equipped with a wide-field camera and an automatic contaminant recognition system to improve productivity. Learn more about our full lineup and a variety of accessories and software to enhance your laboratory performance below.​


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