Particle size analysis is a technical procedure to characterize the size distribution of particles in a powder or liquid sample. It is widely used in R&D and quality control in industries involved with nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, electronic materials, sintering materials, Li-ion battery electrodes, etc.

Shimadzu is a leading manufacturer of particle size analyzers and offers a comprehensive product portfolio, such as the SALD-2300 laser diffraction particle size analyzer, which provides accurate evaluation of the change in particle size distribution in the submicron to micron range; the SALD-7500nano nano particle size analyzer­ — a powerful tool for continuously measuring changes in particle size/distribution at one-second intervals within 7 nm to 800 µm; the Aggregates Sizer, which enables the quantitative evaluation of particle amounts in the SVP range as a concentration (unit: μg/mL); and the iSpect DIA-10 dynamic image analyzer, which combines particle size and image analysis technology to offer complete particle characterization.

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