Pharmaceutical Analysis

Shimadzu Journal
Vol.3, Issue3-Dec 2015
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Pharmaceutical Analysis
[Insight from Customer]
Professor Alexander (Leggy) Arnold from Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery (Page 61-63)
We interviewed Dr. Arnold, aka Leggy Arnold, an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Principle Investigator of the Shimadzu Laboratory for Advanced and Applied Analytical Chemistry and Founding Member of the Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery (MIDD) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM).
[Drug Discovery] Development of pre-clinical experimental models to understand the in vivo metabolic performance of a drug is important in the field of drug discovery. In the present study, an in vitro microsomal assay was designed to evaluate the metabolic stability of GABAA receptor subtype selective ligands using microsomes and S9 fractions of human and mouse liver extracts. A LC-MS/MS method was developed to quantify the amount of drug degrading over a period of time using verapamil as internal standard.
[Interview] Imaging mass spectrometry (IMS), which uses MALDI-TOF/MS analysis to identify the presence of target substances in biosamples such as tissue samples, is a cutting-edge measurement technology that is becoming increasingly popular in medical and biological research. We sat down with Hidefumi Kaji, PhD, of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation’s DMPK (Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics) Research Laboratories Research Division, and asked him about his use of this technology.
[Drug Discovery]
MS/MS imaging of gentamicin was performed from high-selectivity analysis of endogenous metabolites in biological tissue.High-resolution (10 μm) imaging of rat renal cortex showed that gentamicin is specifically distributed in proximal renal tubules. A new matrix application method is useful for sensitive MALDI imaging.
These articles were selected by Shimadzu. Relating to pharmaceutical analysis, they are from posters presented at recent international conferences in 2015, such as ASMS and HPLC. They feature a variety of instruments we produce and include cutting-edge technologies.
[Topics] Shimadzu Corporation has renovated its showroom for analytical & measuring instruments at its headquarters and opened a new facility called "Science Plaza".
[Topics] Shimadzu wins two design awards this year.
[Topics] Shimadzu held a TECH TOUR at the 10th World Congress for Microcirculation and about 140 attendees from all over the world joined it.
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