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Interview with Ms. Shraddha Mane

Interview1Interview with Ms. Shraddha Mane

“It’s a strong, reliable, and synergistic bonding.”

We interviewed Ms. Shraddha Mane from HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd in India, a leading Bioscience company based in Mumbai manufacturing high-quality culture media for microbiology.


Interview with Dr. Shivam Mukherjee

Interview2Interview with Dr. Shivam Mukherjee

“It is excellent and extremely beneficial in support of our research and development process.”

We interviewed Dr. Shivam Mukherjee from Intas Biopharma Ltd. in India, a leading biosimilar product manufacturers in Asia having its own biopharmaceutical operations with a R&D facility and an EU-GMP certified bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.


Interview with Dr. Noel Zahr

Interview2Interview with Dr. Noel Zahr

“Our partnership is a great support to advance research in oncology”

We interviewed Dr. Noel Zahr from Assistance Publique–Hôpitaux de Pari, Pitié Salpetrière Hospital in France, for an activity in pharmacology dedicated to improving drug management (personalized medicine) on the project of ‘Monoclonal antibody pharmacokinetic assay and evaluation with the “nSMOL” kit and Shimadzu LCMS instrument’ starting in 2018.