PFAS Analysis in soil sample Method File Download-2

[System Requirements]

LabSolutions LCMS (Ver.5.114 or later) is required for loading the method files below.


Method files

  • (ZIP fileļ¼Œsize 210KB)    (2024/02/dd)


[To install this method file]

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  • Download the method file.
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  • Extract the update method file.
    The file downloaded in step 1 is in ZIP format. You can expand the compressed file by double-clicking it in Explorer, so please store the method file (with the extension .lcm) in the same folder you chose previously.
  • Open the method file.
    Please load the method file (extension .lcm) in LabSolutions LCMS. If the method file cannot be loaded successfully, refer to the analysis conditions in the 'Method Details' folder and configure the settings accordingly.