Q.What kind of balance is needed to build a system compliant with guidelines and standards such as GLP, GMP and the ISO 9000 Series?

A : To conform to these standards, the balance to be used must be already adjusted to within standards predetermined in your own departments, periodically adjusted and a record of the results of inspection must be kept.

Inspection items that must be performed on a daily basis include external appearance (e.g. dirt) on the balance body and display, horizontality and sensitivity checks (calibration).

  • Sensitivity check can be easily conducted if you have an electronic balance with built-in calibration weights.
    There are also models that incorporate functions such as Perfect Self Calibration (PSC)Clock-CAL that automatically perform calibration for you.
  • For inspections, a record clearly indicating the date/time that inspection was conducted must be kept. Models with built-in ISO print function can be connected to a printer to provide a date/time-stamped balance calibration record.


Use of balances with these functions is very convenient.

Shimadzu also conducts JCSS calibration services for customers' own weights and balances.



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