Q.Please tell me the points to be careful of when installing a balance.

A : The following are basic precautions to follow for the installation site and installation method.

  1. Do not install balances in locations subject to direct sunlight.
  2. Install in a room with little change in temperature. (Pay attention to sudden change in room temperature after air conditioning is turned ON or OFF.)
  3. Do not allow the blast from air conditioning to directly strike the balance.
  4. Do not allow airflow in rooms to fluctuate greatly due to opening/closing of doors.
  5. The balance must be leveled correctly.
  6. Use a rigid desk (preferably, one with a vibration isolation platform).
  7. Install in locations subject to little vibration.
  8. Allow balances to sufficiently stabilize after turning the power ON (inserting the plug into the power outlet) before using them.

    Analytical balances (AW/AX/AY Series, etc.): 4 hours or more Top-loading electronic balances (UX/UW Series, BL Series, etc.): 1 hour or more Electronic balances (EL Series, LDS Series, etc.): 30 minutes or more


Precautions regarding installation sites and installation methods can be downloaded: →Click here(PDF 135KB)
Also, special attention is required to obtain stable measured results when using semi-micro balances, such as the AUW-D Series with 0.01 mg range. →Download precautions(PDF 579KB)

In addition, sample-related issues include:


  • Magnetized samples, samples charged with static electricity
  • Absorption of moisture or evaporation of volatile component, etc. during sample measurement


Refer to the precautions listed in the Q&A item below.

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