Q.When measuring trace amounts of samples, the balance sometimes does not react at all or it reacts slowly. Is there any way of quickly displaying weighing values?

A : Try one or a combination of two or more of the following methods.


  1. Set the balance operation mode to "Sampling mode".
    -This mode gives priority to speed of response over stability of the balance's indication. When this mode is set, be aware that the balance's indication sometimes becomes unstable.
  2. Set the balance's "zero tracking function" to OFF.
    -This function ensures as much as possible that the zero indication does not drift when the balance's indication is zero. When this function is OFF, the indication reacts more sensitively. When weighing, be sure to press the TARE key to reset the indication to zero before placing the object to weigh on the balance's pan.
  3. Lightly touch the balance's pan immediately after placing the object to weigh on the balance. (Note)
    -When the indication is stable, the balance functions to maintain that indication and keep the stability. This function impedes weighing when micro objects are placed on the balance. Lightly touching the balance's pan to temporarily disrupt the stability of the indication prompts a quick response.

    (Note) Only lightly touch the pan, Pressing the pan with excessive force might damage the balance.


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