System Update Notice and Updating Registration Information

October 25, 2023

System Update Notice

The Shimadzu Software License Management System, which is used for managing and activating (enabling) registration of use of licenses for Shimadzu analysis software products such as LabSolutions, was updated on October 25, 2023.

In this system update, the following two changes were made with the purpose of providing better services by asking customers to register more accurate customer information.

  • To date, we have asked you to register your company name and department name as account information, but we have newly added office name as a registration item.
  • An example of how to fill in this information is provided, so that the registered information can be updated to more accurate information.

Request to Update Registration Information

Please check your registration information by November 30, 2023, regardless of whether or not it has changed. 

  • Customers are being asked to periodically review their registered information (transfer, relocation, etc.), but with this update, please be sure to check your registration information and correct it as necessary.
  • If the registration information is incorrect, then in the event that it becomes necessary to re-authenticate the license, such as if there is a sudden PC breakdown, it may not be possible to authenticate the license, and in some cases it may be necessary to restore the license at a cost, or to re-purchase the license.

Therefore please cooperate with checking and updating your information as soon as possible.

< Updating Registration Information >
After logging into the Shimadzu Software License Management System, click [Manage account]-[Change user information] and make any necessary changes.

Note that a notification email with the title “Request to check your registered account for the Shimadzu Software License Management System” will be sent to the registered email address of customers having an account.