The gas chromatograph parts differ according to whether hydrogen or some other gas is used. Consult your Shimadzu representative when selecting parts.

Pressure regulator valves are available for nitrogen/argon, hydrogen, or helium.

The photograph shows a cylinder-connected type.

Gas tubes are available with a left-hand thread for hydrogen. Gas tubes are available according to the gas type and position.

Stable Hydrogen Gas Supply Source A9150-100 Hydrogen Gas Generator

Provides a stable hydrogen gas supply instead of a gas cylinder

A hydrogen gas generator provides a much more stable gas supply than a gas cylinder.
As hydrogen is generated by the electrolysis of water, the set flow rate is not exceeded if a gas leak occurs. A hydrogen gas generator eliminates the need for dangerous and expensive hydrogen gas cylinders.
A single hydrogen gas generator can supply high-purity (99.995 %) hydrogen gas to a gas chromatograph at a flow rate of up to 160 mL/min. The device has CSA, UL, IEC, and CE Mark certification for laboratory use.

For more details, contact your Shimadzu sales representative.