Campaign of good-bye to disposable plastic cups in SBL (Brazil)

SBL (SHIMADZU DO BRASIL COMERCIO LTDA.) is a group company that sells and services Shimadzu analytical measuring instruments and medical devices in Brazil. In November 2019, SBL organized a study meeting for its employees on the theme "Reduction of plastic waste". When they raised the issue of discarding large number of disposable plastic cups used in the company, the employees became very aware of the importance of reducing plastic consumption. In just four months, SBL was able to reduce plastic consumption by about 8,000 cups, or 30% of the total.

Scene of the study meeting

To further promote this environmental effort, the Company's Board of Directors and its internal committee decided to distribute the squeeze bottles to all employees and began working toward the goal of reducing the use of disposable plastic cups by more than 90%. Many employees use the bottles every day.

"The world changes with us!" Under the catchphrase, SBL will continue to work to improve environmental issues

It is called "Let's replace the plastic cup with my bottle.".


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